we don’t owe, we don’t pay, we don’t sel

Greek government of George Papandreou (which is characterized as collaborator by Greek people and is the most hated person) from the first day who elected tried to say that public debt reached this levels because the generous welfare state. This was a big lie aiming at Greeks so that accept the chemotherapy of IMF and … [Read more…]

An introduction to Einar Már Guðmundsson’s new book ‘Bankastræti Núll’

High Streets and Piss Pots Before the authorities plugged them up in 2006, there used to be underground, public toilets on the corner of Bankastræti and Lækjargata. In his most recent book, Einar Már Guðmundsson recounts how the toilets were once the hub of Reykjavík’s seedy area, where boozers and drug users mingled and where … [Read more…]

Situation in Iceland – a report prepared for a meeting of activists and left green parties in Brussels 31. may 2011.

Introduction Two years ago, Iceland elected a new parliament or Alþingi, as a result of a people´s revolt. The revolt was a spontaneous democratic popular reaction to the collapse of the banks and the de facto bankruptcy of the country. At the time it seemed destined to be an isolated incident, a rare occurrence in … [Read more…]

Organizing Against the Debt – Iceland’s Message to Portugal

Submitted by admin on Fös, 15/04/2011 – 21:40 Höfundur: Nick Dearden This week has witnessed two very different reactions to European debt. At one end of Europe, Iceland’s voters decided once again not to accept the payment terms of their ‘creditors’, the British and Dutch governments, following the collapse of Icelandic banks in 2008. At the … [Read more…]